~ Video Chat With Santa ~
Frequently Asked Questions
WelcomeSanta.com is an online video chat company - facilitating live two-way chats between Santa and believers, on private servers. We partnered with Santa to spread the joy of Christmas to children all over the nation.
You must have
  • A computer, tablet, or video capable smart phone.
  • If not built into your device, a camera and a microphone.
  • A modern browser
    • Current versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Edge
    • Safari must be Version 11 or running on iOS 11
    • IE is not supported
  • High-speed internet. Your upload and download speeds must be at least 650 kbps (.65 Mbps). Better than 1 Mbps is recommended.Test at one of these two sites
After you sign up, you can choose an open slot between the day after Thanksgiving through December 23rd.
Chats will be up to five minutes long, starting at 15 minute increments. Santa needs a break between chats!
Santa's helpers have identified a great set of questions that will make for a fantastic experience during the chat.
Just a user name, password, and secret answer. When you want to schedule a chat, we'll need general contact and payment information.
Our website security has been independently validated by third-party testing and we partner with professional Santas all of whom have current Nationwide Background Checks.
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