Santa Helps You Raise Money for Your Organization


Awaken the magic of Christmas and nurture enduring belief, childlike wonder, warmth and joy of the season for all. can help your organization by delivering an unforgettable, personalized, interactive experience. Our fundraising program adds value to your organization while creating treasured memories for the child in all of us., one of the family of brands, enjoys partnering with community organizations to raise money and do great work — and fundraising is just a little bit easier when Santa is involved! Any non-profit or community organization is welcomed to apply for a fundraising event at, where we will donate a % of each ticket sale to your group.

You raise money by selling personalized video visits online directly with Santa. This program lets you offer your supporters an amazing experience at a discount. No deposit or setup fees, makes this basically risk free. Your organization's potential earnings are simply tied to how many tickets your group can sell.


Santa and his elves partner with nonprofits as well as community organizations focused on youth programs that support STEAM, promote health and support their communities. Santa believes in supporting value-oriented programs and is open to hearing about other wonderful teams who need Santa’s help in fundraising. To apply, use the link below. LLC maintains sole discretion in approving an organization’s fundraising request.



Raising money is easiest when connected with amazing brands and with our quality, heart-felt, kindest Santa’s. Santa’s elves are darned amazing too! Santa as a brand is classy, loving and all-inclusive.

No Risk:

There are no setup fees for the Fundraising Program. There are no pre-sales commitments or deposits. Your team does not have to handle cash or take payments so personal safety is not an issue.

The Fundraising Program can be done completely remotely. Yes, your team can have printed promotional materials to hand out and it can all be done digitally. That means that if your group wants to hand people a beautiful card, you can do that. It also means that if you want to do everything remotely, you can raise money without having to go door to door or venture into large public spaces.


Our systems make it easy for your organization to do your fundraising. All you have to do is direct friends, family, and supporters to Santa’s website ( organization's link). Our systems will convert their purchase into cash for your group and fabulous memories for them. We believe in privacy and safety and have systems to keep it that way.

Timely & Simple Processes:

Your fundraiser will be done by October 15th, well ahead of everyone’s busy Thanksgiving and Christmas season. A simple reconciliation of the visits sold by your group and straightforward math will match the money headed your way. Your group earns a percentage of the value of the tickets your team sells. No hidden fees, penalties or unexpected surprises. We want to help your team help others. You will have your money within approximately a month of the wrap up of your fundraiser. Then the fun begins as you will have friends and family raving about the joy and hope experienced in their personalized chat with the always magical Santa.

Simple Pricing

  • Tickets price $20.00. Your supporters save 20% off the standard ticket price of $24.99.
  • Your organization gets a % of each sale.
  • Check mailed to your organization in November.

Quick and Easy Appointment Scheduling for the Visit:

The platform,, ensures a Santa appointment is available for every pre-sold ticket for the 2020 season. Visits will be available from November 27, 2020 to December 24th, 2020. The ability to book a visit will be available to all ticket holders by November 1, 2020. Dates and times are available on a first come first serve basis at Your organization does not need to do the scheduling. Each ticket holder is responsible to book their own appointment. There will be plenty of available appointment times however, does not guarantee any specific date and/or time. If a ticket holder does not book their appointment early they risk not finding their desired time.Santa is very busy so if they wait until the last few weeks there may not be a visit slot available. There are no refunds, so we tell everyone to book early to avoid disappointment.


  1. Qualify as a not-for-profit to be enrolled in this fundraising promotion. Simply go to the request page to start your application process. Tell us who you are and what you do. Let us know how many tickets you hope to sell as a goal to motivate your group to drive maximum fundraising.
  2. Santa’s elves will review your application and may reach out to clarify information. The elves will set up a time to chat with your fundraising leader to launch the process once your group is approved.
  3. Complete the legal agreement on the website. Provide the required information for your group’s webpage, provide a branding graphic / logo and small write up of your organization.
  4. Elves work their magic and set up your group’s fundraising webpage.
  5. Logistics of Your Fundraising Sales:
  6. Once you are approved, your organization will receive promotional material from It’s time to start talking to your friends, families and sponsors to get excited about creating magical memories with Santa
  7. September 1- October 15 your group sells tickets to be redeemed for the 2020 Christmas visits. Your friends and family go to your personalized fundraising website to buy their tickets.
  8. Your purchasers will receive an email confirming their successful purchase. They can redeem their ticket beginning November 1st for a visit occurring between November 27 and December 24th.
  9. Families will need to remember that Santa is very, very busy so booking early is the only way to secure your preferred time slot by going to Book early to avoid disappointment as the visits are available on a first come first serve basis.
  10. Cash Flow to You: Fundraising ends on October 15, 2020, midnight (PST). Reconciliations of tickets sold will be done and shared with you. LLC will send you a cheque for the proceeds by November 1, 2020.


Your designated fundraising liaison will be able to track your sales through the fundraising sales period. LLC will reconcile your ticket sales and pay your organization. You will receive payment in November by (Check or Money Order).

Santa cares about your stories about your experience with the fundraiser both for your organization and the families who were the recipients of the Santa visit experience. Testimonials are a great energy booster for Santa and his elves after all their hard work.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: wants your fundraising event to be a success, and to that end, we ask that you please follow these guidelines:

  • You can and will be associated with marketing and social media. Communication where your group or is prompting to awaken the magic of Christmas and nurture enduring belief, childlike wonder, warmth, and joy of the season for us all, is encouraged.
  • tickets (aka, Personal Santa Key) are unique for each ticket. The purchaser is responsible for scheduling the visit.
  • The purchaser may gift the ticket/s (aka, Personal Santa Key) to someone else.
  • If there are any issues with the tickets (aka, Personal Santa Key) the original purchaser must be the one to contact or All sales are for the year in which the tickets (aka, Personal Santa Key) are purchased. There are no refunds or carryovers to future years.
  • All sales are final and no refunds are issued after November 1st, 2020.
  • The Ticket (aka. Personal Santa Key)must be used promptly and the appointment set up with Santa as early as you can book it. Santa will be very busy. This is a schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee that appointment slots will be available if consumers choose to book late or during high demand time frames.


  • Set Clear Goals & Have Fun
  • Create enthusiastic goals - the more you sell, the more you earn
  • Create win:win targets throughout your campaign - create small incentive prizes for top sellers
  • Celebrate success - have fun with stories from your team’s fundraising. Did someone’s grandmother buy 10 tickets but they only have 2 grandkids? Did someone sell 50 tickets to a company? Who is the youngest salesperson on your team? What is the craziest story someone heard? What is the most touching story? Your team will bond even more by sharing these stories. would cherish sharing these stories safely as part of spreading the joy and magic of the season.


What do I need to enroll my organization to see if it will qualify to be approved?

All you need to start your enrollment is an email address and your non-profit organization’s tax information. That’s it!


Is there a cost to start a Fundraising program?

There is no upfront cost to start a program.


Will give my personal information to third parties?

No, we promise! (It’s all laid out in our easy-to-read Privacy Statement.) By enrolling, you do agree to receive administrative and promotional emails from and, which you can opt out of on the registration form or at any time.


How does calculate my purchase history and rebates? sets up a unique web page for your organization. All purchases of tickets on that page are calculated for your donation total..


Can a person buy more than one ticket?

Of course, customers coming to your webpage can buy as many tickets as they want. Grandparents and friends can buy tickets for all children in their life for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


How do I or my organization pay for the tickets?

You don’t. has taken the risk out of handling funds for organizations and groups. Your supporters pay directly on your organization) web page. This webpage is set up by after you have qualified and been approved as a not-for-profit organization.


Can I make changes to an order that was submitted?

No, not as your organization liaison. Your supporter who purchased the ticket can contact or to modify their order in most cases.

Note: All sales are final and no refunds are issued after November 1st, 2020.


Is there any way to see how many tickets our organization has sold so we can tell if individuals, sub-teams or our total group is on track to our overall goal?

Santa’s elves will send your lead elf a weekly email that shows your total sales to date.


My friends wanted the visit on Dec 23 at 7pm and couldn’t book an appointment so they want their money back. How do they get a refund?

The vendor will ensure that there are appropriate resources available to provide visits for over the entire scheduled period of service. The client and their buyers acknowledges that visits will be delivered based upon being scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. There is no guarantee that appointment slots will be available if consumers choose to book late or during high demand time frames. Santa gets very busy so book early to avoid disappointment. There are no refunds.


A friend would like to visit Santa but they do not have a new computer. Can they still visit?

The visits are virtual so they must have a computer, tablet or smartphone that meets minimum technical requirements listed on VisitWtihSanta FAQ. Technology is required and it is up to the ticket buyer to be able to access what is needed. Most recent systems work easily with this video chat service.